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Mission Statement:  The Southeast Arkansas Educational Cooperative strives to improve the lives of children by providing preschool intervention if needed.

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The Early Childhood Special Education program wants to be a part of helping you and your child along this exciting journey of learning and preparing for kindergarten. We have speech/language pathologists and developmental teachers to screen and deliver professional and appropriate therapy for your child if needed.  Most of the activities we do are repeated many times as the year progresses and with each repetition it is our hope that your child will continue to learn and progress in all areas. We have iPads that we use to make learning fun and as a reward.  We also use positive praise to encourage each step of your child’s learning.  The Early Childhood staff are here to answer your questions and be a part of the team to develop educational strategies and speech/language therapy if needed for your child.  

Join us...we make learning fun!

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Michele Sadler-Early Childhood Coordinator

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Parental Consent to Screen

Parental Consent to Screen (Click to download)

Parent Rights

English  tinyurl.com/ArkansasParentRights (click to download)

Spanish  tinyurl.com/DerechosdelosPadres (click to download)

Fun Stuff

Developmental Activities

Check out these fun and educational videos and activities

(double click to colored picture to be connected to uTube to view a fun and quick video then click on the picture below to download a pdf file activity sheet to print)


Nursery Rhymes

Humpty Dumpty  



 Jack and Jill

Hey Diddle Diddle


The Farm

Old MacDonald  


Positional Activities and More!


Speech Activities